About Us

To create and develop sustainable communities through quality education and skills empowerment for economic growth and community transformation

Who We Are

Humanity for Sustainable Development (H4SD) is an incorporated not-for-profit community-based organization that provides high-quality educational support to underserved communities in rural Kenya. H4SD is registered with the Department of Social Services.

We believe that quality education should be free and available to all, regardless of age, tribe, religion, and socioeconomic standing. We believe that quality education is essential for social mobility and can help alleviate poverty and economic and gender inequality, thus providing equal access to available opportunities. We focus on providing quality education to underprivileged children in (ECDE), primary, secondary, street, tertiary/technical, and community settings by offering educational opportunities such as learning resources and infrastructure.


We believe that Quality education is key to social mobility and can thus help reduce poverty and [income& gender] inequality thus offering equal access to available opportunities for all.


Social Justice and Equity

We will work with other Organizations to promote equality, dignity and more just society, especially
with regard to the poor and marginalised.

Collaboration and Public Engagement

We commit to working collegially and cooperatively in establishing productive partnerships with our
colleagues, other organizations and institutions in implementing our project.

Gender & Diversity

We embrace all aspects of human diversity and value its necessity to ensure a vibrant community.
We respect individual opinion, religion, race, tribe ,gender and sexuality .

Community-Based Approach

We believe that the community we serve are the owners and thus guide us on every aspect of our
work and projects.


We hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of ethical behaviour and responsibility for our